Castles of Merano and the Burggrafenamt region

Powerful witnesses to history

The many castles of Merano and the Burggrafenamt region are witness to the important history of the region and adorn the landscape with their towers and oriels and their imposing presence: the sheer number of these witnesses of the Middle Ages to the late-Baroque period provide South Tyrol with the honourable reputation as being the most castle-rich region in Southern Europe.

A walk to Lebenberg Castle on Mount Marling

The tiny village of Marling, where the gourmet hotel is located, is also crowned by a mighty edifice, Lebenberg Castle. It was built as a castle in 1240 and is today embellished in rococo and Venetian mirrors. It counts as one of the most splendid castle complexes in the Burggrafenamt region and parts of it can be visited.

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The castles of Merano

It's really no wonder that the castles of Merano line up one after the other as Merano was once the seat of thr Tyrolean rulers and as capital of Tyrol it was the centre of power.

  • Trauttmansdorff Castle: Unmistakenly the most famous castle in Merano. In part due to the fact that it was a favoured holiday destination of Empress Sissi and then also due to its beautiful botanical garden.
  • Castle of Merano rulers: Built in 1470 by Archduke Sigmund, it was the seat of the territorial princes and has an interior in the style of the late Middle Ages. Today it's a museum.
  • Kallmünz Castle: mighty castle from the 14th century and set right in the town centre. It's appearance today is actually from the 16th century. It is now privately owned but during exhibitions or concerts parts of the building are open to the public.
  • Castles and residences in the Obermais quarter: Here you will find an especially large amount of mighty residences with a long history (in private ownership) and they add a special flair to a nice walk..

Castle in the Merano region

You can also admire mighty castles and residences from 10 centuries during an excursion to one of the surrounding towns of Lana, Schenna, Dorf Tirol or in the mountain villages of Tisens and Prissian. The list would be extremely long if we were to mention all of them, so here are a few selected examples:

Of great importance is the impressive Tyrol Castle from the 11th/12th century which, in the 14th century was the seat of the territorial princes and was romanticised around 1900. These days it is the seat of the Museum for Culture and Regional History. It rises impressively, high above the village of Tirol and is a popular excursion destination. In the village of Tirol a visit to Brunnenburg Castle and Auer Castle are also worthwhile.

Also on your list of castles that should not be missed in Merano and the Burggrafenamt region: Schenna Castle, built in 1350 and home of the tomb of Archduke Johann of Austria and his wife and also a private Andreas Hofer (the Tyrolean freedom fighter) collection. Also: the exposed Juval Castle, half an hour away by car, which houses one of the Messner Mountain Museums and is Reinhold Messner's summer residence.

We wish you lots of fun with the castles of Merano! And for that real "castle feeling" simply book one of the tower suites at the romantic Hotel Oberwirt ...

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